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The aim of the Karkonoski Regional Council for the People with Disabilities is leading the socially useful activities in the sphere of public opinion, which include:

  • Activities for people with disabilities, both members of the organizations cerating the KSON, as well as those who are not affiliated to any organization disability, including:
  1. professional and social rehabilitation of persons with disabilities;
  2. professional and social integration of people with disabilities and their promotion;
  3. supporting the activities of member organizations and their advocacy on issues of common interest;
  4. advocacy non-members of persons with disabilities;
  5. activities for children and young people, increasing its prospects in the field of education, upbringing, culture, science and technology, physical culture and sport;
  6. involved in the implementation of other partners strategies and policies of the European Union in the activities referred to in points 1) and 2).
  • Other activities in the area of public tasks, such as:
  1. promotion of employment and professional activity for people with disabilities that are unemployed and threatened with job loss.
  2. activities supporting the development of local communities.
  3. promotion and protection of freedom and human rights and civil liberties, as well as supporting the development of democracy.
  4. activities for European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between societies; promotion and organization of voluntary work.

KSON focuses 12 NGOs for people with disabilities, 38 supporting members, including sheltered workshops, acting on behalf of the many thousands of members and non-union persons with disabilities, becoming representative of a large part of the environment. Acting on behalf of and for people with disabilities functioning as an umbrella organization. Kson is a union associations and each member organization retains full sovereignty in their actions. From 8 March 2004. KSON has the status of a public benefit organization. In December of 2005. Kson was awarded the Marshal of Lower Silesia for the Best NGO in Lower Silesia. In June 2014 was awarded the title of "Distinguished for Jelenia Gora" resolution of the City Council. We are a member of the Lower Silesian Federation of NGOs and the National Forum of People with Disabilities.

KSON mission is to:

  • representing the interests of people with disabilities
  • coordinating the activities of member organizations and the creation of conditions for full and active participation disabled people in society
  • support activities to protect equality of opportunities for people with disabilities in society
  • activity among children and youths in the field of education, upbringing, science and technology, physical culture and sports.

Kson statutory objective is social and professional rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, as well as complex problem solving of these people by taking a number of actions - in cooperation with local government units.

Kson since 2008, conducts public employment agency and information for the disabled such as:

  • activites of offices and institutions central and local government
  • requests the removal of architectural and social barriers for disabled
  • intervene in specific cases of individual and group problems of the disabled
  • initiates and co-organizes sporting, cultural and tourist integrated events, supporting the activity of people with disabilities in these areas.

Since 3 years kson implementing the project Information and Support Centre for People with Disabilities, through free legal, social, psychological and psychotherapeutic counseling. Through the free, publicly helpline 800 700 025 and the regional KSON offices in Szczecin, Gorzow, Zielona Góra, Jelenia Góra, Cieszyn, Cracow, Bydgoszcz and Torun reaching many thousands of people with disabilities or their families, and helping to solve their personal problems.

Kson's broad media campaign since 8 years spending newspaper "Disabled Here and Now" and the television news magazine called. "Karkonoska TV Integration".

Kson consult legislation about people with disabilities - local with councilors and national with parliamentarians. Kson actively apply for funds for the implementation of many projects and events for people with disabilities. Kson is a also a watchdog organization. Working with the Stefan Batory Foundation, performs since 8 years the campaign "Your Vote, Your Choice", inspiring and expanding the principle of social dialogue.

The closest KSON plans are to create a facility engaged in the popularization of the newest areas of medicine for revalidation.